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May we all cultivate inner-strengths and anchor in our aliveness!  May we all experience joy when our enhanced well-being positively influences the lives of all beings we encounter!  -Ellen Donoghue, PhD

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for Individuals

My one-on-one coaching service provides teachings, guidance, and easy-to-do practices that support your unique intention to cultivate inner-strengths.  Is your heartfelt aspiration to feel more confident, resilient, or patient?  Or do you aspire to live with less anxiety and judgement and greater ease and joy?  Perhaps like many people in our culture you have a harsh inner-critic and you would like to nurture an inner-voice of self-guidance and self-compassion?  Please click below to learn more.

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for Groups

Ardent Nature offers several group services. 

Small group sessions are casual gatherings of friends or acquaintances to explore a topic on cultivating inner strengths, such as self-compassion or working with anxiety and fear.  One-time sessions or series are both customizable to meet your group's interests. Click below to learn more.

Inspirational and motivational talks are a second type of group offering.  An experienced and enthusiastic public speaker, my inspirational talks cover a range of topics including,"Embracing Fear," "Wooing Wonder," "Growing Grit" "Cultivating Self-Compassion."  

Fasten your seatbelt and put your tray table up! Your audience is about to "take off" with Ellen!  Click below to learn more. 

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for Organizations

I offer two types of organizational consulting services.

One service is partnering with businesses and organizations in employee wellness programs by offering lunch sessions, after hours classes, and retreats focusing on growing inner-strengths, such as resiliency, confidence, gratitude, and calm.  

The second service assists groups and organizations in exploring their missions and goals from their heart-centered orientation (sometimes that includes returning to their initial intentions) where core aspirations guide the development of programs and projects while minimizing fear-based perspectives.


What topics are covered in Ellen's group sessions, classes, and motivational talks?