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“As a Construction Superintendent for many years, stress was a familiar and integral part of life. My pursuit of a way to help relieve that influence led me to Ellen Donoghue. I soon learned new ways to approach life and gleaned fresh perspectives from her classes. To say she is passionate about what she does may not do her enough justice. Ellen is intuitive and insightful, and when combined with her knowledge and desire to help people, I now have a bag of new tools to improve my life and manage the anxiety I sought to defuse.”   Ron S.
White Salmon, WA

“I first met Ellen during "Gorge Happiness Month" in Hood River, fall of 2016, where she was teaching a 4-week class on cultivating inner strengths. I was at a low period in my life, dealing with a knee injury, and for me, going to Ellen's class was one of the best things I did for myself that month. Ellen is very passionate about what she teaches. She is sincerely committed to sharing her knowledge for the well-being of people she can reach. I look forward to taking more classes with Ellen. I also plan to do some one on one coaching.” 
Patty K. 
Hood River, OR


"Initially I found Ellen’s teachings to be interesting and informative. They gave me a sort of nuts and bolts framework to understand how my thoughts, emotions, fears and motivations work. Then later, I was struck by Ellen’s deep compassion for her students and for all beings. This touched me in a very nurturing way, as I passed through a difficult transition of divorce."
Matt Wheeler
Engineer, lover of all things wind & water
White Salmon, WA

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Having participated in Ellen’s class on “Growing Grit,” I  was delighted to be learning from this remarkable individual. She is kind, compassionate, and understands the struggles and challenges we all face as we strive to become whole-hearted people who also work in organizations committed to making our world a better place for all. Ellen passionately guides and teaches individuals and organizations  through the process of personal and group transformation.  Grounded in current neuro-psychological research on how our brain’s work, Ellen expertly leads students through the process of efficiently building new habits, while harnessing the power of our brain’s neuroplasticity. Ellen brings loving-based consciousness into her personal interactions and her work as a teacher, coach, and systems-change facilitator.  If you love learning, you will love the surprises Ellen has to share! 
Cyndi Strid
Artist and Occupational Therapist
Columbia River Gorge


“I came to Ellen's coaching by the suggestion of a friend, not knowing what to expect, but hoping she could help me overcome some pain, difficulty, and confusion in my life. Ellen helped me to see the limiting beliefs I was unconsciously carrying. She endowed me with practices to appreciate and reinforce the kind of thinking that has really buoyed me and expanded my outlook. I now occasionally catch myself in old habits, and I better distinguish my helpful reactions from the not-so-helpful reactions. I’m learning self-compassion, among other inner strengths. I treasure her teachings, and I'm infinitely grateful for how positively they've affected my life.”
Brian Dennis                                Engineer, kitesurfer, dog owner
White Salmon, WA

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“I have taken several classes with Ellen and have found them all to be very helpful and inspiring. Ellen offers useful, practical mindfulness techniques that can be easily woven into daily activities. I recommend her classes for anyone looking to create more peacefulness and self-acceptance in their life.”
Colleen Regalbuto
White Salmon, WA

Thank you for the informative, insightful and entertaining presentation! I have been talking to myself in a more reassuring tone since your talk, Ellen. :)”
Kelly D.
Carson, WA