Inspiring Joy, Peace, Passion, Grit, Gratitude, and Compassion - Motivational and Inspirational Talks

Great Gray Owl,  Strix nebulosa

Great Gray Owl, Strix nebulosa

Please contact me to discuss how I may contribute to the goal of your public gathering, event, celebration, or civic activity.  I am often asked to "kick off" events with 15-40 minute guided practices or words of inspiration.  I work closely with event organizers so that my talk is closely aligned with the spirit and objectives of the gathering.  Or, I may be invited to help motivate a sport team or activist group with a presentation on "Growing Grit," sharing some stories from my 15 years as a competitive dog musher combined with explorations of how each person has attributes of grit to tap, even if we don't always realize it. Or, I lead inspirational talks to help empower people to return to a place of calm, contentment, and peace is possible as they let loose the grips of anxiety, fear, doubt, and judgment.  I look forward to discussing scheduling and pricing options for how I may help inspire your group to fulfill its heartfelt aspirations!