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Cultivating Happiness

  • Columbia Gorge Community College, HR Campus (map)

Anchor in your aliveness with Ellen Donoghue, PhD!  Check out this upcoming class..

Learn to cultivate inner strengths to create a lasting sense of happiness. Whether you desire enhanced confidence, ease, resiliency, gratitude, compassion, patience, or other healthy traits, this class offers teachings and simple mindfulness practices to create a foundation of well-being. We’ll learn to train our attention to “take in the good” of our lives and hardwire our brains away from what neuropsychologists call the “negativity bias of the brain.” We inherited from our Stone Age ancestors a brain that tends to over-focus on the bad, exaggerate threats, minimize our capabilities, and judge ourselves and others. The good news is we can create neural structure inclining our brains toward happiness.  This a stand-alone class.  For some people, this introductory content allows them to hit the ground running in the other more topical classes.

Wednesday evenings, Sept 26th – October 10th, 6-7:30pm, HR Campus. $59. Registration required.  

To register, please visit or call CGCC student services at (541) 506-6011