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Gorge Mindfulness Meetup: Let's Review Practices and Renew Heartfelt Intentions

  • Hood River Library (map)

Discussion Group: Review of Mindfulness Practices

How are your summer mindfulness practices going? Join us for a lively and enriching discussion. This gathering is open to anyone who aspires to enhance awareness of how to use the mind to rewire the brain and cultivate inner-strengths for lasting sense of well-being. We will share and discuss. Ellen may lead a guided practice or two, if people would like. For many people, an opportunity to participate in a guided practice is like going to a yoga class or getting in a run or gym workout and then enjoying its benefits throughout the rest of your day :)

Some possible topics for discussion:
**How is it going being mindful of your reactive tendencies? Are you noticing first darts and keeping at bay 2nd (self-inflicted) second darts?
**With all the sun on your shoulders, wind at your back, and sand between your toes have you "taken in the good" of positive sensations of joy, play, relaxation, and contentment? If not, why not?
**Perhaps you have been practicing "Letting Go" and would like a refresher guided practice on this powerful mindfulness skill?
**Or, maybe the summer has brought opportunities to aspire toward heartfelt aspirations without attaching to the outcomes? How is that going?
**How is it going silencing an over-vocal inner critic and cultivating self-care and inner-guidance?

We may cover these or other topics, depending on who shows up and how the evening unfolds.

This Meetup is open to all, whether or not you have taken classes, seminars, or done one-on-one coaching with Ellen!

You may consider becoming a member of the Gorge Mindfulness Meetup.  It's free!  It's a great way to connect with other people interested in enhancing their present moment awareness, cultivating inner-strengths, and residing in a place of peace, contentment, compassion, and goodwill.  To learn more about the Gorge Mindfulness Meetup (and other Meetups) go to