Follow a trustworthy path that is uniquely yours. 


About ARdent Nature

Ardent Nature is my invitation to you or your organization to join me in cultivating inner-strengths to enhance resiliency, calm, compassion, joy, confidence, grit, and goodwill.  As you grow inner-strengths you enhance not only your individual well-being but also your connections in relationships, groups, organizations, communities, and to all beings.

Like rock cairns reassuring the backcountry traveler of the pathway ahead, I offer guidance, support, teachings, and practices.  And yet you are the one who chooses your path and takes your journey.  Through your enhanced awareness and mindfulness practices, you will cultivate inner-strengths and anchor in your raw aliveness, empowering your live of greater freedom, ease, and joy.    

I am often asked “Are you a life coach?” I consider myself an “Aliveness Coach,” a blend of wellness coach, life coach, and empowerment coach.  I help people to anchor in their aliveness by drawing on their innate strengths and cultivating new ones to create a lasting sense of vitality.  Please click “My Ardent Nature Services” to learn more about my services for individuals, groups, and organizations. Click “About Ellen” for more on my background, experience, and my “ardent nature” to enhance the well-being of all beings on this planet.  I would be honored to be part of your or your organization’s growth journey, living free from fear, anger, judgment, and doubt and strengthen by traits of peace, calm, confidence, grit, gratitude, and compassion.  - Ellen Donoghue, PhD